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  Twisted - ebook now available
Twisted Joe Turner is a penniless young artist in need of a break. One day, through a minor traffic accident, he makes the acquaintance of one of the richest couples in Europe. Sergei Vanov is a Russian oligarch based in London, and his wife Catherine is of French and Italian descent. Soon, through their patronage, Joe's career is on a dramatic upswing, his fame and fortune assured. But the price he pays is high. Foolishly, he begins a secret affair with the beautiful Catherine, who is desperate for affection to make up for a cold and empty marriage. At the same time he becomes increasingly involved with the unpredictable Sergei, to the extent even of lying to the police to protect him against an accusation of murder. Joe's position, caught between these two volatile and dangerous people grows increasingly impossible. Finally, to save himself, he realizes he must break free of them both. That proves to be more easily said than done. Before he knows it, he finds himself on a nightmare ride involving other killings and unsolved mysteries from the past. And the truth, when it finally comes out, is something nobody is prepared for.

  A Memory of Demons - out now in paperback
A Memory of Demons Tom Freeman thinks his demons are behind him. He has been sober for ten years, after a period of alcohol and drug abuse that almost killed him. His career is back on track, and he is happily married to Clare. They have a baby daughter, Julia. But when she begins to speak, why does Julia insist that her name is Melanie? And that Tom and Clare are not her real parents? Child psychiatrist Dr Brendan is baffled by her case, but accepts that children are sometimes born with memories of a previous life that cannot be explained away. Tom makes his own inquiries, leading to the chilling discovery that his daughter is possessed by the spirit of a girl who went missing ten years ago, at the exact spot where Tom suffered his last alcohol and drugfuelled blackout...

  Coincidence - reissued in paperback
Coincidence"It started with my father's death. At least, that was how it seemed at the time. Now, looking back, I realize how impossible it is to be sure where anything really begins; or, for that matter, where, or even whether, it has ended". Dealing with his dead father's effects, George Daly finds a photograph, apparently of himself as a boy. But he has no memory of the other people in the picture, or of where it was taken. As a writer of books dealing with the fine line between reality and the unknown, George becomes fascinated by this; and by other material he discovers which suggests there may be a secret in his past of which he has suspected nothing. As he begins to investigate, a series of remarkable coincidences occur, provoking George to start work on a book about the meaning of coincidence (or "synchronicity") itself.

Eventually, however, he discovers that some coincidences may not be as innocent as they seem.

   The Discrete Charm of Charlie Monk - now in paperback

Charlie MonkCharlie monk is the ultimate superhero. He has no fear. He has no conscience. And he has no memory of his past.

Dr Susan Flemying is an expert in memory. She can repair damaged memories, or create new ones.

So why has she planted a memory of herself in Charlie’s head ?

What is the dangerous secret that ties their lives together ?

Can they trust each other enough to find out ?

  David Ambrose interviewed by Time Out Magazine
Time‘At the end, I'm trying to mess with the reader's brain in a way that most thrillers don't. I tend to tell Frankenstein stories. Sod life-affirming! I've done that in Hollywood. I want them to say, "He writes mind-blowing books!"

   Reissued Books

The Uncanny ValleySimon & Schuster have reissued Coincidence and Charlie Monk in paperback. The rest of the back catalog will follow shortly. If you're having trouble getting hold of a title you can search Amazon.co.uk for second hand books, Amazon.com, or abebooks.com.

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The Uncanny ValleyWe've given the website a spring clean. If you have any comments or suggestions on the redesign please email info@brentonweb.com.

David Ambrose read law at Oxford University and has worked internationally in films, theatre, and television. His credits include at least 20 Hollywood films, 3 stage plays, and countless hours of television - including the controversial Alternative 3. He has worked with a range of people from Orson Welles and Gene Roddenberry to Sharon Stone and Pierce Brosnan. His novels have been published in 20 countries.


 What do we mean when we say "I"?
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David Ambrose is published in the UK by Simon and Schuster.

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