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" It started with my father's death. At least, that was how it seemed at the time. Now, looking back, I realize how impossible it is to be sure where anything really begins; or, for that matter, where, or even whether, it has ended".

Dealing with his dead father's effects, George Daly finds a photograph, apparently of himself as a boy. But he has no memory of the other people in the picture, or of where it was taken. As a writer of books dealing with the fine line between reality and the unknown, George becomes fascinated by this; and by other material he discovers which suggests there may be a secret in his past of which he has suspected nothing.

As he begins to investigate, a series of remarkable coincidences occur, provoking George to start work on a book about the meaning of coincidence (or "synchronicity") itself.

Eventually, however, he discovers that some coincidences may not be as innocent as they seem.

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